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Dynamics 365 for Sales: 2023 Release Wave 2

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

Well, it’s here – the 2023 Release Wave 2 has landed. Let’s take a look at some of the things that I’m excited to see in the coming months. Here are three things I’m looking forward to in Dynamics 365 for Sales:

1. Empower seller to proactively pick next prioritized record based on business rule.

With this new features, sales managers have the ability to define and maintain rules for lead and opportunity assignment and prioritization. Sellers will be able to request a number of leads and/or opportunities to themselves. The system will then allocate top priority records as defined in the business rule set by the sales manager. Sounds like a great time saver and something that empowers the sales reps to get their own workload! I’m looking forward to peeking under the covers with how this one works though. Sounds like it has to involve queues somehow.

Public Preview: N/A

General Availability: November 2023

2. Match email to lead entity (Sales Copilot).

Prior to this update, Sales Copilot (formerly known as Viva Sales) supported Contact only for email matching. With this feature, Sales Copilot will also support Leads in the following manners:

  • Match email to Leads.
  • Schedule meting and match it to a Lead.
  • Create new leads from emails.
  • Edit Lead fields in CRM from Viva Sales.

This is a great feature for Sales Copilot and brings it into parity with the CRM sort of tasks we can do today with the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. Only one thing left… supporting custom tables. Maybe next year?!

Public Preview: N/A

General Availability: December 2023

3. Accelerate sales with AI-generated proposals.

With this new features, sellers can generate a sales proposal with consistent formatting and style. Content is pulled from existing data in Dataverse. Additionally, sellers can export the proposal to Power Point. This sounds like an incredible enhancement, and I look forward to using it! I wonder if this will replace DocumentsCorePack or other 3rd party tools many organizations currently use.

Public Preview: October 2023

General Availability: TBD

Power Tips: Dynamics 365 for Sales

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