Connector Review

I’m thrilled to not-yet-officially-but-slightly-soft-launch a project my husband, Nick Hance of Reenhanced, and I have been working on for months:

Why Connector Review?

As a solution architect and a system administrator, I’ve found myself in the same position: how on earth can I sift through 462+ Power Automate connectors and pick the best option for my company or a customer’s company.

The Microsoft site does a good job of documenting each of the connectors and what you can do. But there’s a big gaping hole: searching for available connectors by use case instead of the connector’s name.

Hence, the birth of Connector Review! If I’m having this problem, I bet others are as well.

Video! Walk-through & Why We Made This

What do you think?

This is a free research tool available to you! For the good of helping everyone else research and find connectors available in the Power Automate universe – but organized by use case.

Please let me know what you think! Tweet me @crmheidi or email me at