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Using and Configuring Focused View in Dynamics 365

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

Dynamics 365 has an excellent solution to help your users see their data in one frame – by using Focused View. This article will describe what Focused View is and how you can configure and update the out-of-the-box settings that come with it.

IMPORTANT! This is an environment change. This means you cannot package focused views in solution files – it is a setting you need to configure in the Power Platform Admin Center for each environment separately!

Here is a screenshot of Focused View turned on for the Lead table:

Focused view turned on the Lead table

Image from Microsoft documentation

On the left-hand side is a summary of leads with associated activities beneath (3 in the above image). Clicking on any lead from this list will open the details panel on the right. Users can change the view at the top (I in the image above), which will update the data accordingly.

Additionally, in section 2 in the above image, users can sort, filter and search through the data here.

Filtering and sorting note! There are a few column types that are not supported in filter and sort: Owner, Lookup, Customer, Unique identifier and related tables.

Enable Focused View for All Records

  1. Navigate to the Power Platform Admin Center, open the environment and go to its settings.

  2. Expand the Product section, then select Features.

  3. Scroll down until you find the Grids and views header. Toggle Enable focused view for all records to ON.

NOTE! Focused View is not available on Activity tables.

Final Thoughts

Focused View in Dynamics 365 offers a streamlined interface that significantly enhances your user’s ability to manage and prioritize sales tasks efficiently. By consolidating various records and associated activities into a single simple interface, it reduces the need for users to switch between multiple screens, thereby saving time and boosting productivity.

As you leverage the customization options and the advanced filtering capabilities, remember to regularly consult your administrator to enable and optimize these features for your specific needs. This will ensure you are always equipped with the most effective tools to drive your sales activities forward.

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