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Updates coming to Copilot for Sales

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

Have you checked out the 2024 Release Wave notes for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform yet? It’s filled with exciting updates and improvements throughout the tech stack. In this blog, we will focus on the Copilot for Sales updates included in the Dynamics 365 release notes.

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Many Copilot for Sales Updates

First of all, there are a lot of new features and updates to Copilot for Sales, all designed to focus on maximizing productivity and minimizing time spent doing administrative tasks. There are updates to Copilot features within Dynamics 365 for Sales (“Copilot in Sales” – as opposed to “Copilot for Sales”…. which you can find here) – but this article is focused on the Microsoft Copilot for Sales section.

The section is broken into three areas:

  • Cross-app experiences
  • Microsoft Outlook experiences
  • Microsoft Teams experiences

Cross-App experiences

There are 11 new features included in the release notes that fall under this category, which works with Microsoft 365. Most of these features will have public preview in April 2024 and start rolling out to general availability from April through September 2024.

Here is the full list of features coming:

FeaturePublic previewGeneral availability
Highlight sales information such as budget and stakeholders in customer interactionsApril 2024April 2024
Highlight buying intent and provide relevant next stepsApril 2024April 2024
Suggest updates to CRM opportunityApril 2024May 2024
Detect customer asks and suggest responsesMay 2024June 2024
Highlight customer issues and provide relevant next stepsMay 2024June 2024
Highlight key insights about the situation of the dealAugust 2024September 2024
Generate profiles of key stakeholdersAugust 2024September 2024
Extract customer information to understand deal contextJune 2024July 2024
Analyze aggregated sales activitiesApril 2024April 2024
Integrate Copilot for Sales with Copilot in Microsoft WordApril 2024April 2024
Extend Microsoft Copilot for SalesApril 2024June 2024

These are all great updates, but there are a few I want to dive a bit deeper into, because I think they have some incredible opportunities.

Suggest updates to CRM Opportunity

This feature uses AI to scan through meetings and emails, suggesting relevant updates to Opportunity records. According to the feature details, this will include updating your Opportunity sales stage, close date and estimate revenue. This help ensures that no relevant data is missed in a sales rep’s inbox and Opportunity stays as fresh and up-to-date as possible. This feels like a huge productivity win to me!

Integrate Copilot for Sales with Copilot in Word

Talk about streamlining! This feature describes how you can generate documents effortlessly in Word using Copilot for Sales. It requires Copilot for Sales to be enabled in your environment (obviously!) and a Microsoft 365 license. It allows users to generate a sales meeting prep document with the following sections:

  • Participants & stakeholder information
  • Opportunity summary
  • Relevant email summaries
  • Previous meeting summary
  • Open tasks for relevant opportunity
  • Open cases for relevant account

I’m hoping these sections can be modified based on an organization’s custom fields – but we can check back on that in April when this feature becomes available.

Microsoft Outlook experiences

There are two features in the Outlook section:

Both updates use AI and Copilot to deepen the integration inside of Outlook.

Microsoft Teams experiences

There are four features in the Sale Copilot release notes under the Microsoft Teams section. Here is the full list of features coming soon to Teams and Sales Copilot:

FeaturePublic previewGeneral availability
Integrate Copilot for Sales with Copilot in Microsoft Teams chat experienceApril 2024April 2024
Integrate Copilot for Sales with Teams meeting summariesApril 2024April 2024
Collaborate with sales team from Microsoft Teams group chatsApril 2024June 2024
Collaborate with sales teams using AI-powered planner tasksFebruary 2024April 2024

The focus of these new features is to continue enhancing sales processes by delivering AI-powered assistance in the Copilot to improve customer interactions, decrease data entry and facility efficient sales collaboration directly within Teams.

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