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How to Share a Model-Driven App

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

After you have created a model-driven app, you will need to select which security roles and/or individuals can access your app.

3 Easy Steps

You can share your model-driven app in three simple steps:

1. Select your app at Power Apps. From make.powerapps.com, navigate to your apps. Highlight the app from the list, then click the Share button at the top.

2. A new Share window pops up. Select the name of the app, then click into the security roles next to the Dataverse icon. Alternatively, if you’re looking to share this app with individual people instead of a full security role, you can do that in the People section.

3. This expands the security roles who can access this app. Select the appropriate security roles, then click Share.

Model-driven App Sharing FAQs

Why can’t I see the Share button when I am viewing my apps at Power Apps?

If you don’t see the Share icon and button in Power Apps, you don’t have appropriate permissions to be able to share the app to additional users. Check with your System Administrator to see if you can get the appropriate permissions. You will need share permissions on the model-driven app table.

I’ve shared an app with a user, but they still cannot access the app. Why?

This is likely a permission error as well – make sure their security role has Read permissions on the model-driven app table.

I’ve shared an app with a user. They can access the app but they cannot see custom tables that are in the app. Why?

Don’t forget to give the user a security role that has permissions on the custom tables within their security role! Minimally, they need Read access. If you want them to add new data in the custom table, they need Create. If you want them to edit data in the custom table, they need Write.

This content was originally created for an article at www.dynamicscommunities.com.

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2 thoughts on “How to Share a Model-Driven App

  1. Teknik Informatika

    How does the sharing process differ when sharing a model-driven app with users who are part of a different environment? Greeting : Telkom University

    1. Heidi Neuhauser

      Thanks for your question! You can only share an app with someone inside of the same tenant.

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