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Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Collaboration Enhancements in Release Wave 1

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

This article about Dynamics 365 for Marketing collaboration enhancements originally appeared at the Dynamics Communities.

The Dynamics 365 2023 Release Wave 1 plan has four exciting collaboration features and improvements coming to Dynamics 365 for Marketing. These features bring marketing and sales tighter together, allowing marketers to work together to accelerate the sales pipeline.

The four enhancements we will review today are:

Important Note: Most of the functionality contained in this article has not been released. Timelines, projected functionality, and specific features may change, or may not be released at all. Stay tuned to the release wave here for any and all changes.

Keep stakeholders in the loop by seamlessly copying them on email campaigns

General Availability: Now!

Available now, you can add up to five email addresses in a CC field for your emails. The release notes suggest three popular use case examples:

  1. Copy Account Managers on the marketing emails to improve ability to follow-up and track success rate.
  2. Copy your support team to increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Copy your stakeholders to raise awareness and enhance collaboration.

Since this feature reached General Availability, you can start using it in your system today! Go on and CC your internal teams (up to 5 emails).

This is a story of how a submission at Ideas turns into new functionality within the app. Bravo to the community, and to the product team at Microsoft for listening. Submit your ideas here, and upvote the ones you want to see live in the Dynamics 365 system.

Dynamics 365 for marketing copying on emails

Increase lead conversions by routing to correct sales rep

General Availability: June 2023

With this feature, you can define lead scoring criteria and update fields in a Lead record when it meets a specific score threshold. You can also create and edit automated assignment rules. I wish this were in public preview or early access so I could play around with this functionality. But alas, all we have is this screenshot in the release notes.

Dynamics 365 for marketing: routing

This looks pretty neat though – define a rule, select eligible leads for the rule (either by choosing a segment or adding a new lead condition), the ability to only consider leads created in the last x hours, and finally assigning leads to sellers or a team.

Important note: Creating automated assignment rules is only available in Dynamics 365 Sales Premium or Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise.

Prioritize the best leads and empower sellers with the new lead scoring builder

General Availability: June 2023

Part of real-time marketing, this simple and powerful lead soring builder helps you define criteria and build models more efficiently. Your scoring models can be created using behavioral, demographic or firmographic conditions.

Lead scoring builder screenshot

This feature also includes insights, with dashboards showing a number of use useful KPIs to help evaluate your scoring model outputs and performance.

Dashboard for insights

Optimize lead management by engaging sellers right away.

Public Preview: May 2023
General Availability: June 2023

This feature should be available in public preview sometime this month, but it’s not there yet. For now, we will use the screen shots included in this section of the release wave to garner our excitement.

Within Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you will be able to create sales activities like tasks and phone calls direction from a journey. Additionally, you can activate a sales sequence to accelerate the selling cycle.  This sounds like a great improvement, and I’m keen to play around with it. But for now, all we have is this small screenshot in the release notes.

Create activities from Journey

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