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Dynamics 365 Industry Accelerators: An Overview

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

Microsoft has created six industry accelerators designed to get your company up and running with a great Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution faster and cheaper.

The cost? FREE!*

*With an existing Dynamics 365 license!

6 Industry Accelerators Available Today

  1. Automotive
  2. Education
    1. K-12
    2. Higher Education
  3. Government
  4. Media & entertainment
    1. Fan & Guest
    2. Engagement/Event Management
    3. Content Production
  5. Nonprofit
  6. Telecommunications

Important note: Many of these accelerators include a combination of Power Apps Portals, canvas apps, model-driven apps and Power BI Dashboards. If you want to use all of these components in your Dynamics 365 system, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper licensing required.

Accelerators Change

I’ve been keeping an eye on these industry accelerators for a few years. And one thing I have noticed over time: Microsoft will add and remove them without notice. There were some great ones available last year which have been removed (Manufacturing, Healthcare & Finance, I’m looking at you!).

So if you are interested in one of these six accelerators, I highly recommend downloading the solution files from AppSource or GitHub today.

Sample from the industry accelerator for Media & Entertainment.
Sample from the industry accelerator for Media & Entertainment.

AppSource Links for each Accelerator

More Resources for Industry Accelerators

Microsoft Docs Industry Accelerator Overview Page

Video overview:

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