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Applying the Power Apps Read-only Grid Control

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

In October 2021, the new Power Apps grid (read-only) control was released to general availability.

The Power Apps Read-Only Grid Control applied to the Case table in Power Apps.

This control provides users with a number of exciting updates:

  • Users can resize and change columns displayed on a system view.
  • Columns can be reordered.
  • Users can apply their own filters to views.
  • Grid view settings are retained across a session.

Sounds good, right? Here’s how to apply this control to a table (entity) in Power Apps.

Apply the Power Apps Read-only Grid Control

First thing’s first- since this is a view or table-level control, you’ll have to apply it using the classic designer.

  1. Add the table / view(s) to a solution file at make.powerapps.com. At the top of your solution file, click the ellipses icon, then select “Switch to classic.”

    In the screenshot, I have added the Case table with a few views.
    Note: When you select Switch to classic, it will open in a new tab.solution file in power apps switch to classic

  2. In your classic designer, expand Entities on the left-hand side, then highlight the table (entity) where you would like to apply the Power Apps grid. Click the Controls tab (circled in red below).

    classic click control

  3. Click Add Control…

    If you haven’t applied any controls to this table/entity yet, you will see the Read-only Grid (default) set to the web, phone and tablet.add control

  4. Scroll down the list until you find “Power Apps Read-Only Grid.” Click Add at the bottom.

    power apps read-only grid

  5. Now, you need to set the scope of this control. If you want users to default to this control when accessing data in this table, set it for all: Web, Phone and Tablet.

    scope for power apps read-only grid

  6. Configure any optional properties on the control, then Publish changes.

    See full details of optional properties below.

Optional Properties to Configure on the Power Apps Read-Only Grid

Below the scope of the control, there are a few configurable items:

Powre Apps Read-Only Grid configurable properties
Configurable properties on the Power Apps read-only grid.
  • Jump Bar: by default disabled.

TIP! Change Jump Bar to ENABLE to show the alphanumeric filter bar at the bottom of your table!

  • Reflow behavior: by default set to reflow. This allows grid to switch display mode between grid & list based upon column width. You can override by selecting either grid or list.
  • Allow filtering: by default enabled, which allow users to apply filters to views on a table. Change to disable to remove this capability.
  • Navigation Types Allowed: defaults to All. Setting to all allows navigation on primary and lookup columns. Changing this to Primary only restricts navigation on the primary column for the table/entity.

Video Walk-through


If you need more help getting started, you can refer to this Microsoft documentation, or feel free to Contact me via this handy form!

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