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Microsoft Teams + Dynamics 365 = ❤️

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

Microsoft has a fantastic integration between Teams and Dynamics 365. In this blog, we review how you can use Teams in Dynamics 365, how you can use Dynamics 365 in Teams and what’s coming in the roadmap.

Why integrate Teams with Dynamics 365?

There are four great reasons why you should integrate Teams and Power Apps:

  1. Seamless in-app collaboration.
  2. Accelerate productivity.
  3. Enhance engagement in real-time.
  4. Integrate experiences across multiple channels without leaving the application.
Teams and Power Apps/Dynamics 365 fully integrated, photo from Microsoft.
Teams and Power Apps/Dynamics 365 fully integrated, photo from Microsoft.

How can you use Teams in Dynamics 365?

  1. Launch Teams Chat in Dynamics 365 (PREVIEW FEATURE – Read more here).

    You can engage in Microsoft Teams chats within Dynamics 365 while working on a record. Currently available in preview for: Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, custom apps.Teams chat in Dynamics 365

  2. Connect a record or view to a Teams channel from Dynamics 365 (available now, read more here).

    Collaborate seamlessly between the two platforms. You can even set sensitivity level on the new channel, from Public to Highly Confidential.collaboration

  3. Call customers and receive calls through the Teams dialer (IN PREVIEW, Sales App only, read more here).

How can you use Dynamics 365 in Teams?

Connect an app record or view to a Teams Channel (Available now, learn more here).

dynamics 365 record in teams

File integration with co-authoring of documents using Microsoft 365 & SharePoint (Available now, learn more here).

View a Dynamics 365 Dashboard in Teams (Available now, learn more here).

dynamics 365 dashboard in teams

What’s coming in the current release wave with Teams integration points?

FeaturePublic previewGeneral availability
Start a linked chat from co-presence in a recordMay 2022
AI-based contact suggestions for starting linked chat conversations for selected entity typesJun 2022
Share and update Dynamics 365 records from within a Microsoft Teams messageMar 2022Aug 2022
Take action on business data contextually right from within Teams chatsMay 2022Aug 2022
Accelerate productivity and collaboration with Teams meeting integrationSep 2022
Access and update Dynamics 365 records right from within Teams meetingsSep 2022
Associate Teams meetings to Dynamics 365 records from wherever you workSep 2022
Configure and customize Teams meeting integration to your business needsSep 2022
Unified admin experience for embedded Teams chat settingsJun 2022To be announced
Collaborate seamlessly on email and chat with a single live editable view of business data in all channelsJul 2022To be announced
Display a preview of the shared Dynamics 365 record when pasting its URL in emails and chats without any messaging extensionsJul 2022To be announced
Provide a workflow requesting admins to enable Teams collaboration settings in Dynamics 365 Sales Hub appJun 2022To be announced
Streamline setup of Teams app for sales process using Teams templatesJun 2022To be announced

Need help integrating Teams and Dynamics 365?

I’m happy to help! Email me at heidi@reenhanced.com and let’s chat.

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