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Power Automate Connectors for Email

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

As of today, Monday, March 7, 2022, there are 23 Microsoft-certified Power Automate connectors for email. To analyze each and to help determine which are the “best,” I developed the following criteria that I thought a great email connector should have:

  1. The ability to send an email.
  2. Add to or create list.
  3. Add subscriber.
  4. A trigger.
  5. Multiple actions.

I thought these criteria would cover most use cases for email automation within a larger flow.

How do they stack up?

Here is how each connector stacks up, using the above criteria:

All of the Power Automate Connectors for email.
All of the Power Automate Connectors for email.

Who are the players?

Here are the 23 Power Automate connectors for email. I’m categorizing them in 3 different ways:

  1. Connectors who offer email as their primary solution.
  2. Connectors who offer email as part of a larger marketing solution.
  3. Everyone else who has email actions.

Click on the name of any of these vendors to view details about their connector: a list of their triggers an actions, sample use cases, links to documentation and more.

Note that there are 3 Independent Publisher connectors in this list. Read more about Independent Publisher connectors from Natalie Pienkowska, Microsoft Program Manager, here.

Email as Primary Solution

These connectors offer email as their primary solution:

  1. AWeber
  2. Gmail
  3. JungleMail 365: Specifically, this one is for email newsletters only, and is an add-on to the Office 365 suite.
  4. Mail: This is the built-in mail service for Power Automate. It’s not your best bet – and you should use other connectors if you can. If you still want to look into this one, check out the Known Issues & Limitations listed in the Microsoft documentation here.
  5. MailChimp
  6. MailJet (Independent Publisher)
  7. Mandrill
  8. Office 365 Groups Mail
  9. Office 365 Outlook
  10. Outlook.com
  11. PoliteMail
  12. SendGrid
  13. SMTP
  14. SparkPost

Email as Part of Multiple Marketing Offerings

These connectors have multiple offerings (email and SMS or full marketing automation, for example):

  1. boomapp connect: email, voice, SMS.
  2. Engagement Cloud: by dotdigital, omnichannel marketing automation.
  3. Hubspot Marketing (Independent Publisher): marketing automation.
  4. Mensagia (Independent Publisher): email, voice, SMS.
  5. Notifications: mobile and email notifications.

Everything Else – RPA & Data Extraction

These connectors have the ability to send email through actions not related to a marketing platform:

  1. IA-Connect Microsoft Office: RPA module to allow for MS Office automation. Sends email through RPA.
  2. MailParser: This connector extracts data from your emails – so it has something to do with emails, but not as a primary objective.
  3. Parserr: Another connector that extracts data from emails.
  4. Parseur: Data extraction from emails and mailboxes.

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