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Power Apps: Can a File Type Column Be Used in a Business Rule?

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

A client asked this question: can a file type column be used in a Business Rule? Specifically, they’re looking to use the file field as a condition. Which could make some interesting use cases in a Business Rule:

  • If the file field is blank, set another field value.
  • If the file field contains data, set 3 fields required.
  • If the file field contains data, add a recommendation.
  • If the file field does not contain data when Est. Close Date is within 7 days, show error message.

I’ve done a lot of work work with Business Rules and LOVE implementing them. But I have honestly never tried to build a Business Rule based off of a Conditional with a File type column. I suspected the answer, but now I can confirm it.

Spoiler alert: No. You cannot.

I brought up my handy free trial site, which I always use to play around in, to see if it is indeed possible. I added a File column to a table. I added that column to the form. And published my changes.

And lo and behold, it does not show up in fields available to trigger a Business Rule.

If I can’t use a Business Rule, what are my options?

I’m always a huge proponent of low-code no-code solutions when they work. But there’s always a case for custom code & JavaScript – and this might be a good one.

But, here are two no-code option you can investigate:

  • Write a Flow/Workflow. Depending on the logic you’d like to implement, see if Flow or Workflow may work.
  • If you’re using a Business Process Flow, require the field within one of your stages.

If you have a developer at your disposal, JavaScript might be your quickest option – and your only option for some of the potential use cases.

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