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Video: How to Add a Recommendation in Dynamics 365 Using Business Rules

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

Business Rules are an extremely valuable, out-of-the-box, low-code/no-code tool for Dynamics 365 System Administrators. There are many actions available to configure using Business Rules:

  • Recommendation
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Show Error Message
  • Set Field Value
  • Set Default Value
  • Set Business Required
  • Set Visibility

In today’s video, I show you how to set up a Recommendation on a form in Dynamics 365 using Business Rules.

Here’s an Example

Here is a sample Recommendation on the Opportunity form in Dynamics 365:

Recommendation generated by a Business Rule in Dynamics 365
Here’s how it will look to your end users in Dynamics 365.

How To: Step-by-Step

Check out this article with complete step-by-step instructions here.

Microsoft Learn

If you want more training, check out this Learning Path about Business Rules!

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