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Flow 101: Making a scheduled cloud flow

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

The instructions in this blog will help you get started with creating a scheduled cloud flow. These flows can perform tasks in multiple frequencies:

  • Every x month, week, day, hour, minute or second.
  • On a specific date.
  • After a specific number of minutes, hours or days.

If you want to learn more, check out the Microsoft documentation on scheduled cloud flows.

Creating a New Scheduled Cloud Flow

From make.powerapps.com, add a new flow. Select a scheduled cloud flow:

scheduled cloud flow

Next, name your flow and select when you want to run it. In this example, we will build a scheduled cloud flow to Send report to Management every Friday morning.

I will set it to start this Friday at 10am and repeat every 1 week on Fridays:

Configure your scheduled cloud flow: select when to run and frequency.
Name your flow and select frequency.

Finally, click the blue Create button at the bottom to build your Flow.

Flow Canvas

Following the above steps drops the Recurrence trigger on your canvas. Now, you can proceed with building your automation using connectors to automate your tasks.

Click the blue Edit button in the Recurrence box to access Advanced Settings, like Time Zone. Click on Show advanced options to display items you can configure:

display advanced options

It’s probably a good idea to set your Time Zone on this recurrence:

Set advanced options like time zone

After you have set Time Zone and any other options, you can click the + New step button to add your next operation.

Build your flow by adding additional connectors or operations

From here, you will build the rest of your flow by adding additional connectors or operations to accomplish your business objective.

The Complete Flow 101 Series

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