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5 Neat Power Automate Connector Finds

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

There are currently 489 connectors available in Power Automate. Here are five neat connectors you can check out today! Check out a video review of each of these here:

Cloudmersive Barcode

This connector has 7 actions, allowing you to generate 5 different versions of barcodes, or to scan and lookup information from a barcode. It’s a well-built tool that gets the job done and offers multiple barcode formats and QR codes.


Today, the WordPress connector is a great tool for bloggers. If you’re hoping to find broader website-type triggers and actions, it’s not there – yet. But if you’re looking at this connector from a blogging perspective (like I am), it’s pretty neat. It has a trigger When a post is created which I’ll be using to post to social media channels after a new blog article is written. It also has 3 actions, get post, get site statistics and create post.

Content Moderator

This is a really unique connector and has a truly interesting use case for Power Automate. It’s a content moderation tool powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services. The AI scans text and images for potentially offensive or unwanted content. Augmented with human review tools. It has 8 actions and is really interesting!

Cloudmersive Currency

This connector is one you can consider if you have a need to retrieve exchange rates and convert prices between currencies. Its three actions are:

  • Get the exchange rate from the source to the destination currency using using current exchange rate data.
  • Get a list of available currencies and the countries that correspond to these currencies.
  • Convert the price in the source currency into the destination currency using current exchange rate data.

Those are some pretty powerful actions for things that are still done manually in many organizations.

Apptigent PowerTools

HOLY MATH NERD BATMAN! I love this one! The complex math options are extremely impressive. We’re specifically looking at the pro version, but Appitgent offers a free “LITE” version of this connector as well with more limited actions. Here’s a brief synopsis on both of their connectors:

Apptigent PowerTools PRO connector lets users manipulate text, modify collections, format dates and times, convert currency, perform advanced math calculations, shorten URL’s, encode and decode strings, convert text to speech and translate content into multiple languages.

The free, lite version of their full connector, Apptigent PowerTools Pro. This connector has simple math, text and collections. If you need more complicated actions, check out the Pro version of this connector.

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