What a Weekend: MVP!

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

This has felt like an absolute whirlwind of a weekend. First of all, I have been training for an ultramarathon in Utah at the end of this month (which I am so excited for!!). This weekend marked the highest mileage run of the training cycle: a 6-hour run. This meant a 50k in terms of distance and I was feeling great. We chose to run at Green Lane Park, one of my favorite spots, making three 10-ish mile loops around a beautiful lake. After finishing our first loop, around 11am on Saturday, I checked my phone after refilling my water bottles. I saw this:

W.H.A.T.?!?! *Happy Dance!*

I am an MVP. I screamed. Literally. Jumped up and down. Complete joy and disbelief. I was running with my husband and two friends. I screamed “OH MY GOSH I GOT IT!!!” Then jumped up and down some more.

What a moment. It made the rest of the run wonderful! Even if I still had another 4 hours to run at that point! I recorded a video 20-miles into my run during a snack break to reflect on it all.

HAPPY running selfie after learning this amazing news!

It’s felt like a complete whirlwind these past two days. I love CRM and this incredible community – I really do. It fell into my lap 11 years ago and I’ve truly enjoyed it since then. I love the community, and I am so happy to have been able to participate so much in Microsoft user groups, speaking events, blogging, videos, etc. I look forward to doing even more in the times to come.

Thanks for everyone who has helped make this community so awesome. I am thrilled and honored to be an MVP and will continue to provide content, how-to’s, videos and speak as often as I can to help you and your companies increase user adoption and overall happiness. I’ll add to my Upcoming Events page soon with everything I have coming up.

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