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Contact Form 7 & Power Automate

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

Can you believe it? My blog had NO contact form on it until about thirty minutes ago. Goodness, don’t tell my past marketing self about this, she just wouldn’t understand.

The Problem: I need to add a Contact Form to my WordPress website

Unbelievable! Alas, this is something that is easily resolved. I added Contact Form 7 as a plug-in for my WordPress site.

FUN FACT: Contact Form 7 is the most popular WordPress Plug-In. And, it’s FREE!

Once installed in WordPress, I simply configured a SUPER simple form (name, email, subject line and message with a submit button) and set it to email submissions to me.

But… can I integrate Contact Form 7 with Power Automate?

Heck yes I can! With the Power Form 7 Power Automate connector! This one comes with a price tag of $29 a month or $199 a year, but I’d venture to say it is well worth it.

Plus, if you’re reading this blog or watching my how-to video you get one free month if you use the coupon CRMHEIDI. Give it a shot!!

Tell Me More! How do I set up Power Form 7 and use my Contact Form 7 submissions in Power Automate?

Well dear readers, I’ll do you one better. I will SHOW you! Check out this 9-minute long video and I’ll walk you through the entire process: soup to nuts (er, form creation to Power Automate automation as it is).

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