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Model Driven Apps News: New controls & some oldies but goodies are deprecated

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

There’s big news in Model Driven Apps controls: new ones have been added (sort of, but still – yay!) and some of my favorites have been deprecated (boo!).

The Good

While the Flip Switch control is on the list of deprecated controls, it’s simply replaced with the new Toggle control.

powerapps control: toggle control
Image from Microsoft’s PowerApps article announcing the new control.

If you have the Flip Switch implemented today in any model driven apps, you can still use it – you just won’t be able to use them in the future. It’s an easy fix: just use the Toggle control instead.

We’ve been using the Calendar Control V2 with our customers recently, as it’s been available in preview mode for some time now. We’re big fans of it – the UI is an enhancement over the prior V1 calendar control. It also looks EXTREMELY familiar to any users who access their Outlook calendar online, which will help with user adoption (yay!). This V2 calendar control in model driven apps is mobile friendly and you can create activities directly from the control. We are thrilled to see this now in General Availability.

PowerApps Calendar Control V2
Image from Microsoft’s PowerApps article announcing the new control.

The Less Good

On the chopping block (aka deprecated items) are some controls I’ve really enjoyed and blogged about over on Reenhanced. Additionally, I’ve spoken about nearly all of these controls at different Power Apps speaking events. I’m sad to see a lot of these leave.

The full list of deprecated controls are:

  1. Linear Slider
  2. Radio Knob
  3. Arc Knob
  4. Linear Gague
  5. Website Preview
  6. MultiSelectPicklistControl (v1)

I’ve used 1 through 5 of the above controls since they came out, and I am sad that they made the deprecation list. If you’ve implemented any of these (like I have!) the good news is that they will continue to work. You just won’t be able to add new ones after the 2021 Release Wave 1.

My Closing Thoughts

When I saw the Microsoft blog this morning announcing these changes, I was bummed. I’m still bummed. They took away a lot of valuable ways to visualize data, and didn’t add any new ones (just replacements for existing ones). Here’s hoping they add more / better controls in the future!

Sad CRM Heidi.

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  1. paul beck

    Companies are going to need to check there model apps, I can’t find any easy way to check for the offending controls. So I’m using hte Power Platform PAC Cli to unpack an unmanaged solution containing my customised tables, model apps and forms to identify any concerns in environments.

    This is what I’m using mp4 3 min recording

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