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Power Automate Marketing Automation Connectors

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

This morning on 10-Minute Mondays, we reviewed the currently available marketing automation connectors in Power Automate. If you missed it, here’s the recording (we went a big long… it was a 14-minute Monday!):

Here’s how the connectors are rated!

Criteria Used in Analysis

To analyze each connector, I established five features that I expected a great marketing automation connector to have.

  1. Lists/Segmentation.
  2. Campaigns.
  3. Email.
  4. Triggers.
  5. Actions.

Marketing Automation Connectors

Out of 422 connectors currently active in Power Automate, only five are focused on Marketing Automation. There are others who provide email solutions and marketing content, but I was only looking for those who provide full marketing automation. Here are the five connectors we analyzed (the video covers two others worth mentioning with a niche focus):

  1. Act!
  2. Emfluence Marketing Platform
  3. Engagement Cloud (dotdigital)
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Marketo

Documentation for Each Connector & How I Rated Them

Check out the video above to learn more about each, but here is the promised documentation:

ConnectorHas Triggers and/or Actions?My Rating
Act!2 Actions, 1 Trigger★★☆☆☆
emfluence4 Actions, 0 Triggers★★☆☆☆
Engagement Cloud (dotdigital)6 Actions, 0 Triggers★★☆☆☆
MailChimp10 Actions, 2 Triggers★★★★★
Marketo3 Actions, 0 Triggers★★☆☆☆
Eduframe18 Actions, 1 Triggers★★★★☆
Infusionsoft2 Actions, 2 Triggers★★☆☆☆

Why is Marketing Automation ignoring Power Automate?

I’m sure why Marketing Automation hasn’t taken the leap into Power Automate yet, but this leaves a BIG opportunity the players that are here. There’s a huge market for Power Automate users, and only 5 options means a big piece of the pie is up for grabs! It will be interesting to see what happens next. Will companies choose to build their own custom connectors with a different Marketing Automation platform? Will other Marketing Automation vendors get on board and release their own connectors? One thing is for certain: I will be staying tuned to find out!

Next Week!

Tune in next week for a deep dive into the Power Form 7 Connector! This one brings your WordPress Contact Form 7 forms into the Power Automate environment.

Join us Monday, November 2nd at 11am EST:

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