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Managing Change for Ongoing Enhancements to your System

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

I wanted to continue with some Change Management thoughts today. We talked in a prior blog about change management & a standard project lifecycle. Which is nice during a project phase – but what about managing ongoing change? You have requirements popping in almost daily. Some are BIG changes for users. Others are small. How do you manage THAT?

Try to gather a team that will be charged with managing change at your organization. Here’s the roles you should fill and who you should include:

  • Change Champions: These individuals will write and execute the change management and communication plans. There should be at least one expert in your organization’s culture and users included on the team.
  • Change Sponsor: An executive team member who can champion the plan throughout the leadership team.
  • Steering Committee: If this change is in conjunction with a Dynamics 365 project, this can be the same Steering Committee. Depending on organization size, a separate Change Management Steering Committee may be appropriate.
  • Corporate/Organization Communications: If your organization has a team member who handles all communications, (s)he should be a part of the team to facilitate delivery of the Communication Plan.

Awesome, team is assembled! Now…What will they do?

  • understanding the corporate culture and user groups
  • collecting end user feedback
  • designing the change management plan and strategy
  • designing a communication plan and execute the plans and related activities

Basically…. talk to people to understand where they are, prepare them for upcoming change, help them accept the change, and celebrate the great job everybody did! The key here is COMMUNICATION!

Go get it team! Leverage some of these Change Management best practices in your next project or enhancement and let me know if it helps.

Here are a few more resources if you want to learn more:

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