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Power Automate’s Document Signing Connectors

Posted by Heidi Neuhauser

There are 400 active connectors in Power Automate today. There are 10 document signing connectors. In this morning’s 30 Minute Monday webinar, we reviewed each of the ten connectors.

If you missed 30 Minute Mondays, here’s the full recording from this morning.

Our 30-minute session on Power Automate Document Signing Connectors

Here are the ten document signing connectors currently available in Power Automate (Note, there are others that offer document signing solutions within larger connectors – but these are solely or primarily focused on document signing):

  1. Adobe Sign
  2. airSlate
  3. DocuSign
  4. GetAccept
  5. HelloSign
  6. Nitro
  7. Scrive eSign
  8. SigningHub
  9. SignNow
  10. SignRequest

Some of these connectors are stellar! We rated three of them five-stars. Others miss the mark and will hopefully improve with time.

We evaluated each of the above mentioned connectors using the following criteria. In our minds, there are five must-haves:

  • Upload a document
  • Indicate where to sign
  • Send to signers
  • Notify when signed
  • Notify when executed

Here’s how they all stack up when compared against those criteria:

Power Automate document generation conncetor criteria

Final Thoughts

Our three favorites are:

  • Adobe Sign
  • GetAccept
  • Signing Hub

Below are links to Microsoft documentation on each of these connectors, a sum of total triggers and actions for each and our rating (from 1-5). Let us know if you’re using one and what you think.

Link for DocumentationHas Triggers and/or Actions?Our Rating
Adobe Sign14 Actions, 0 Triggers★★★★★
airSlate2 Actions, 0 Triggers★☆☆☆☆
DocuSign6 Actions, 1 Trigger★★☆☆☆
GetAccept20 Actions, 4 Triggers★★★★★
HelloSign3 Actions, 3 Triggers★★★☆☆
Nitro1 Action, 1 Trigger★★☆☆☆
Scrive eSign8 Actions, 0 Triggers★★★★☆
Signing Hub19 Actions, 0 Triggers★★★★★
SignNow10 Actions, 1 Trigger★★★☆☆
SignRequest1 Action, 1 Trigger★★☆☆☆

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